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 ·  Source: Drawmer

Drawmer 1970 - front

 ·  Source: Drawmer

 ·  Source: Drawmer

Drawmer from the UK debuted the 1970 2-channel compressor and mic preamp at NAMM 2020. The formidable 2U unit is a successor to the 1960 “tool box” compressor with a similar feature set and control layout. However, Drawmer insists that the device has been greatly improved and enhanced.

Drawmer 1970 compressor and preamp

The preamp section relies on a pair of THAT Corporation mic pres with 66dB of gain and switchable mic impedance (200, 600, 2400 Ohms). It also features separate line and mic input XLR connectors, a direct instrument input with low and high EQ, and two modes – ‘Big’ and ‘Air’ – adding low and high excitement, respectively.

The compressor section can be used as 2 mono tracking compressors or 1 stereo bus compressor. The FET transformers and all circuitry between the input and output stage can be bypassed for transparent audio. There are side-chain insert points on the rear panel, while the front brings the usual controls (Threshold, Ratio, Attack & Release) with 8-LED metering on each band. Parallel compression is an option, too, with the Wet/Dry mix control and Output Gain knobs on both channels.

Finally, two fully analog VU meters and a low-hum toroidal linear power supply with voltage selector switch complete the unit.

Price and availability

The Drawmer 1970 is available now at a price of around USD 1497.

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