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Boss CP-1X Compressor AD-2 Acoustic Preamp pedals

Boss CP-1X Compressor AD-2 Acoustic Preamp pedals  ·  Source: Boss

Boss released their new CP-1X Compressor and AD-2 Acoustic Preamp pedals this week. Adding to their already vast range of effects for guitar and bass, these two new stomp boxes look like they could be very useful for both gigging and studio players.

AD-2 Acoustic Preamp

Designed to give you an easy way of getting a great acoustic guitar tone with one pedal, the AD-2 Acoustic Preamp is aimed at live players looking for a studio quality sound when playing at gigs. Acoustic guitars with Piezo pickups are notorious for sounding thin and weak live, especially when compared to the rich sound you get when using a microphone in a studio scenario.

This new Boss pedal seeks to solve this by giving the guitar a studio quality preamp and reverb which are both optimised for an acoustic guitar tones. There’s also a notch filter for overcoming potential feedback issues that can occur playing an acoustic in a live environment.

The pedal has three knobs labelled Acoustic Resonance, Ambience and Notch. It also mutes the guitar’s signal when tuning and has a balanced DI output. This might just be the perfect pedal to put in your gig bag; it’s compact and covers a lot of ground with just three controls.

The Boss AD-2 Acoustic Preamp will be available in November priced at GBP £109


Boss CP-1X Compressor

Boss have released many compressor pedals in the past, some of which are considered classics. This means that this new compressor has a lot to live up to. Boss is now using their Multi-Dimensional Processing algorithm and applying it to compression. The result is that the CP-1X has multi-band compression, a feature we often associate with big studio compressors. Here, they have squeezed it into their compact pedal format.

The unit features four knobs with Level, Attack, Ratio and Comp controls. There’s even a meter on the pedal that lets you see what the compressor is doing, just like on a rack compressor. I like this, as you can quickly work out what is going on and adjust your compression on the fly.

The pedal runs at 18V, which is unusual for a Boss pedal. This allows the CP-1X to have much better headroom and handle hotter guitar signals. I’d imagine this pedal will be very popular as it squeezes a lot of control into one unit. Also, that meter is really handy when playing on stage, giving you visual reference in noisy band scenarios.

The CP-1X is due out the end of December for GBP £139

Full details on both the new Boss pedals can be found here

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  1. JP DC says:

    JP DC • a few seconds ago
    I did get both and they are great. Anybody have an opinion on which pedal order should happen? I’m doing the CP-1X into the AD-2 (then out to a Radial J48). To me, compressing the signal and sending that to the AD-2 to sweeten the sound made the most sense, but suggestions are greatly welcomed.

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