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JHS Clover and Whitey Tightey

JHS Clover and Whitey Tightey  ·  Source: JHS

JHS has new pedals showing at NAMM. Two of them are effects that we want to take a closer look at. What do the Clover Preamp and Whitey Tighty Compressor have to offer?

Clover Preamp

This is truly an interesting preamp. It is based on the Boss FA-1 FET preamp from 1984 and has in addition to the 3-band EQ and the volume control yet another “EQ Mode” switch. Here, the EQ or just the middle can be completely taken out – or just everything in it. Pretty cool idea.

With XLR-Out which is also good for live use when you are without a suitable amp and according to JHS, the preamp is also for acoustic guitar and bass.

RRP – USD 199


Whitey Tighty

A FET compressor in a miniature housing. It has a nice simple layout: Volume, Compression and Blend are offered as controllers. And that’s it. The pants are not my idea of a great graphic on a pedal, but in the end, it’s the sound that matters.

RRP – USD 135


Switchback A/B, Active AB/Y and Summing Amp

The other three pedals are of the ‘helper’ variety, that you sometimes need as a guitarist. Everyone occasionally finds a need for what an AB/Y will do, or a Summing Amp or an A/B box with two FX loops. Handy items to keep in your gig bag.

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