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Tone Electronix Animalizzer multi-drive and fuzz pedal

Tone Electronix Animalizzer multi-drive and fuzz pedal  ·  Source: Tone Electronix

The new Tone Electronix Animalizzer is a multi-drive and fuzz pedal, designed and built in Portugal. There are plenty of tasty drive tones on offer here. And it comes with enough controls to sculpt your tone just how you like it.

Tone Electronix Animalizzer

The new Tone Electronix Animalizzer handmade distortion/fuzz pedal should work equally well for both guitar and bass. The pedal offers some great dirt tones that you can tweak using the three large controls for Bass, Middle and Treble on the top row of the pedal. You also have a three-stage clipping switch that controls Stage 1 of the drive, as well as a five-way rotary dial for Stage 2, which gives you a lot of tonal options straight away. The rest of the controls consist of Fuzz, Volume, Depth and Pre-Gain.

Tone Electronix Animalizzer

Tone Electronix Animalizzer

Signal Flow

To understand the controls better, check out the diagram below to see how the Animalizzer’s signal flow is arranged. It goes from Boost (Pre-gain, Depth, Fuzz), to Clipping Stage 1 (LED Clip, Open, Silicon clip) then to Clipping Stage 2 (Open, Germanium clip, LED clip, Silicon clip), and finally through the EQ section (Bass, Mid, Treble, Output volume).

Tone Electronix Animalizzer signal flow

Tone Electronix Animalizzer signal flow

Depth, Fuzz and Clipping Stages

The Depth knob controls the voicing of the pedal and how much low end enters those clipping stages. So it has a lot of influence on the overall character of the Animalizzer. With the Fuzz knob you can adjust how much of the tone shaped by the Pre-Gain and Depth will go through those clipping stages. The Stage I switch lets you choose between symmetrical silicon diode, LED diodes, or natural transistor clipping in the Open position, which takes the diodes out of the clipping stage. Stage II has four clipping options available, with either asymmetric silicone diodes, LED, germanium and finally the same Open as Stage I.

Overall, this pedal gives you an awful lot of dirt tones to play with. It could be perfect for players looking to experiment with clipping stages and sculpt them further with a solid EQ section. You can hear it in action in the demo videos below. And if you want to order one, just follow the link below to head on over to the product site.

RRP – EUR 220, though there is currently a V2 offer pricing of EUR 190 on their site

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