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Intellijel Tetrapad

Intellijel Tetrapad  ·  Source: Intellijel


Intellijel a new touch controller module for Eurorack called the Tetrapad. It’s a touch-sensitive control surface that encourages your fingers to get involved in controlling your modular.



We’re always looking for new and interesting ways to interact with control voltages and modulation in our Eurorack system. Intellijel’s Tetrapad gives us 4 touch sensitive strips that use force sensing resistors to respond to the vertical position and pressure of your finger. Along with 4 knobs, a shift function and 8 patch sockets there’s loads of control potential in this module.

There are a number of modes. You can set it up as a bank of faders for audio or voltage; finger drum them; store and trigger set voltages; generate chords; play notes; wobble LFOs or use it as an 8 way switch. The selected mode then dictates what comes out of the patch outputs. Each strip also has a bunch of LEDs to let you know what’s going on. These are also labelled to correspond to numbers and musical notes.

Any configurations you make are stored with the modes and survive being powered off. So you shoule be able to turn on and get on fingering your modular.

Is it going to give you ROLI style control over your modular? Possibly, although it’s probably more fun in the role of modulating. The keyboard modes are quite interesting because the strips get split up in to 8 pads and you can scale and quantize the notes and output 4 pitches at the same time. Lots of room for chordal possibilities and there’s a chord mode to make this a one finger chordal deal. Check out the video below for all the details.

The Tetrapad can do all sorts of things. It doesn’t look fabulous in your rack, but it does offer a lot of cool stuff. I wonder whether it would sit better externally in its own box. Reminds me a bit of the ill-fated Steinberg modular (not this type of modular) controllers.

The Tetrapad will retail for $299.


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Intellijel Tetrapad

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