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TC Mimiq Doubler effect pedal. Double tracking in a box

TC Mimiq Doubler effect pedal. Double tracking in a box  ·  Source:

TC Mimiq Doubler effect pedal.

TC Mimiq Doubler effect pedal. Double tracking in a box  ·  Source:


TC Electronic‘s Mimiq Doubler is a pedal designed to mimic the effect of studio double in a live scenario. In fact, it’ll even treble or quadruple your guitar sound as well. So huge studio recorded riffs can be recreated live.


Double Tracking

The studio technique of double tracking guitar is used to make its sound seem larger and more forward. It is commonly used on hard rock and metal albums to achieve those typical crushing riff tones. In a studio this is done easily: you simply play the guitar part multiple times and mix them together to give a bigger sound.

Problems start, when you then need to reproduce this massive sound live on stage: It becomes an issue as chorus effects and automatic double tracking (or ADT, as it is known), just doesn’t sound the same as multi-tracking actual parts.

TC Mimic Doubler effect pedal.

TC Mimic Doubler effect pedal. Double tracking in a box

TC’s Mimiq Doubler pedal uses a clever circuit to recreate the effect of double, triple and quadruple tracking (now that’s a mouth full…)! So it should be a pretty handy little box for live musicians, with the promise of a much bigger, in your face guitar sound.

The pedal should make it easy enough to dial in your preferences and experiment a little: Controls are simple with Effect, Dry and Tightness knobs, then a three way mini toggle switch for the number of “virtual” guitars you are adding to your signal. You blend in your affected sound with your dry guitar tone, then use the tightness control to get the effect closer and tighter, or looser to your original signal. Simulating either super tight or more relaxed playing styles.

The Mimiq Doubler can also be run in stereo for an even larger guitar sound, great for larger venues. The effect of course offers true bypass.

The pedal has just been announced today and the TC demo video below gives a first taste of what to expect.

Full TC Mimiq Doubler specifications here

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