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TC Electronics Mimic Mini Doubler and Mypergravity Mini Compressor pedals

TC Electronics Mimic Mini Doubler and Mypergravity Mini Compressor pedals  ·  Source: TC Electronics

Two new mini pedals have just been announced by TC Electronics, namely the Hypergravity Mini Compressor and Mini Mimic Doubler. These are both smaller versions of the originals, letting you squeeze more of these tools onto your pedalboard.

Just when you thought mini pedals were a dying fad, TC go and announce they are releasing two new ones. Well, I can see why they would, as it’s easy to re-develop an exiting circuit, make it smaller and you just take away a knob here or there. But will these two new versions be that popular? I cannot really say, but on paper they are well specified, so they may do well.

Hypergravity Mini Compressor

This miniature version of the Hypergravity is a Tone Print-enabled pedal with the same features and “studio quality” multi-band compression of its older sibling. This time, though, it is much smaller and therefore potentially more pedalboard friendly. The simple control layout includes only Attack, Sustain and Level controls, which should let you dial in your sound easily enough. The pedal can also be expanded upon with its Tone Print capability, which allows you to download different compressor types and load them onto the pedal.

Of course the pedal is also true-bypass, and so won’t muck up your tone when not in use.


Hypergravity Mini Compressor product page

 Mimic Mini Doubler

Again, this is a miniature version of the full-sized Mimic pedal, aiming to give you “studio quality” double tracking for your guitars. Hopefully, it’ll help thicken up your guitar sound in a live scenario. We wrote about the full size version back in September last year.

Three controls comprise Effect, Tightness and Dry settings to get your desired thickness and timingm while letting you dial in the desired amount of unaffected guitar signal. The Tightness setting controls how tight the timing is on your double tracked guitars. The Effect knob controls how much of the double-tracked guitar effect you can hear. You then use the Dry control to put the original guitar sound in the forefront of your live sound.

Mimic Mini Doubler product page


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