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Becos Effects Mini One Pro Compressor

Becos Effects Mini One Pro Compressor  ·  Source: Becos Effects

Becos Effects has just announced its new Mini One Pro Compressor, part of its CompIQ range and designed to be used for both guitar and bass.

Becos Effects CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor

With the new CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor pedal, Becos Effects are trying to get us studio-grade compression. Because it caters for both the guitar and bass, it’s been designed to be pretty versatile yet compact tool.

This pedal uses the THAT Corp Analog Engine, which Becos says is designed for high-quality VCA dynamic processing. The new MINI ONE Pro has two main controls Ratio and Gain, plus a dry/wet mix button and a Sense threshold switch. This control has two preset levels available: Low, fixed at -40dB  and High, set using an internal trimmer from -40dB to +10dB.

Becos Effects Mini One Pro Compressor

Becos Effects Mini One Pro Compressor

Attack and Release?

Instead of the traditional Attack and Release controls you normally see on a standard compressor, the MINI ONE Pro uses Dynamic Auto Attack and a Release Timing circuit.This adapts to the input signal envelope to render what Becos calls “perfect timings for any playing style”. There is no control for the knee of the compression either. Again the pedal has a pre-determined knee setting to give you what the Becos calls “subtle and transparent effect application” instead.

The pedal also has true bypass switching and a handy five LED display to let you know what the compression circuit is doing. They have a few quid off the standard pricing on launch; shipping is free, worldwide.

RRP – GBP 124/EUR 139 offer price GBP 115 / EUR 129

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