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J Rockett Pedals I.Q. Compressor pedal

J Rockett Pedals I.Q. Compressor pedal  ·  Source: J Rockett Pedals/YouTube


J Rockett Pedals’ new I.Q. Compressor comes with a built-in EQ section and is part of their Q Series of pedals. This new effect has a six-band graphic EQ with up to 18dB of cut or boost on tap, but might lack some flexibility that would have been easy to implement.



With a simple layout, this true-bypass boutique compressor is essentially a compressor with Volume and Mix knobs which just happens to feature an EQ section with 18dB of cut and boost. Below are listed the frequencies for the EQ section and you can see that it’ll cover pretty much everything you need for a guitar.

Band 1 – 100Hz
Band 2 – 200Hz
Band 3 – 400Hz
Band 4 – 800Hz
Band 5 – 1.5K
Band 6 – 3.2K

What I really like is that the Mix control blends in the compressed signal with your dry guitar tone, so you get to keep your transients and attack intact. The Volume control just increases or decreases the output of the pedal as a whole, as you would expect.

Next to the simple two-knob control layout is that six-band EQ section, which allows you to tailor your guitar’s compressed tone to taste. The whole EQ section on the pedal is all pre-compression, which is perhaps annoying or great depending on your viewpoint. However, I would have loved to be able to switch the order somehow to add a post compression EQ as well.

J Rockett Pedals I.Q. Compressor pedal

J Rockett Pedals I.Q. Compressor pedal. With little red lights!


Hidden Attack

But there’s more. Inside the I.Q. Compressor is a mini pot which allows you to set the attack of the compressor. I have never been a fan of ‘hidden’ mini potentiometers, as feel they are annoying to fiddle with and you need to undo you pedal and get to that pot. For me, that’s a negative, but this might not bother you.


The price isn’t too bad for a boutique pedal, but you may also want to check out the recent J Rockett Steve Stevens Archer Overdrive pedal as some players may prefer to use overdrive rather than compression – unless they play clean, of course.

On the plus side, I do really like the little red lights at the top of each EQ slider!


I.Q. Compressor product page 


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  • J Rockett Pedals I.Q. Compressor pedal. With little red lights!: J Rockett Pedals
J Rockett Pedals I.Q. Compressor pedal

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