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TC Electronic Plethora X5 Firmware 1.3

TC Electronic Plethora X5 Firmware 1.3  ·  Source: TC Electronic


TC Electronic has just released Firmware 1.3 for the Plethora X5. Among the firmware’s several updates is the ability to run your effects in a sensible order. You also get new effects, including the popular Alter Ego Vintage delay.


TC Electronic Plethora X5 Firmware 1.3

This much welcome TC Electronic update for the Plethora X5 is full of user-requested additions. These include lots of user-friendly tweaks to the unit, plus the addition of the popular Alter Ego Vintage echo effect. Many users have also requested that the signal chain be able to run from right to left, as is the case with most conventional pedal boards. With V1.3, you can now choose which direction your signal runs. Just go to Settings > Global > Display and turn it around as it suits you.

TC Electronic Plethora X5 – TonePrint, the way you want it?

Alter Ego

Going through the pedal overview in version 1.3,  you will find the full version of a pedal that was frequently requested by TC customers. Apparently you all really missed the Alter Ego Vintage echo. Again, TC listened. Plethora now offers a welcome opportunity to enjoy the warm, rich tones of this timeless classic delay effect.

And there’s more

Elsewhere you’ll find that external expression pedals work more smoothly and precisely, the hot-Knobz graphics in edit mode are nicer and more intuitive, and the MIDI control latency is even better than before. All in all, it is a decent wealth of improvements and optimisations.

Firmware 1.3 offers some sensible updates that enhance the digital pedalboard experience of the X5. And the addition of the Alter Ego is very welcome. Hopefully, TC will keep listening to its customers and keep updating this well spec’d multi-effects unit. Check out the official TC Electronic video below for a low-down on all the new features in this firmware update.

tc electronic Plethora X5

tc electronic Plethora X5

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  • TC Electronic Plethora X5 - TonePrint, the way you want it?: TC Electronic
TC Electronic Plethora X5 Firmware 1.3

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6 responses to “TC Electronic Plethora X5 Firmware 1.3 adds new effects, and more”

    James says:

    The longer I wait until this becomes worthwhile buying, the less time is left remaining in the product. Too slow, TCE.

    Richard Wright says:

    Is there any fundamental reason why they can’t – or shouldn’t- add drives and distortions to this unit?? Or perhaps an XL version with an extra module with drives etc??

    Håkan Falk says:

    Can´t open Firmware 1.3.6, it´s a PDF and i can´t open it!
    Help me.
    I´v got 1.2.18

    David says:

    nice to know what s on it. Now how to download it would be a help. Tried and tried with windows and bins and nothing. Make it easier.

    Tony says:

    Maybe I’ve missed the comment but why can’t there be a drive or distortion in plethora x5?

      Ryan Smith says:

      It’s not the purpose of the Plethora units. they’re for modulation and time effects which are added to your clean and dirty tones you build through your amp and other gear. To that end they’re not designed with the kind of hardware that would support the processing requirements of digital distortion modelling.

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