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TC Electronic Paul Gilbert MojoMojo pedal goes to 11

TC Electronic Paul Gilbert MojoMojo pedal goes to 11  ·  Source: YouTube/TC Electronic

Following on from last week’s Zeus Drive, TC Electronic has announced yet another new effect pedal. This time we have a Paul Gilbert collaboration, with an official Paul Gilbert version of the MojoMojo overdrive. And this one goes to 11.

TC Electronic Paul Gilbert MojoMojo

This week’s release from TC Electronic is the new Paul Gilbert MojoMojo, now in a purple housing (the original was brown) and with Paul Gilbert’s name on the front. Plus, the switch in the centre now says 11, so it goes one louder, innit!

TC Electronic Paul Gilbert MojoMojo

TC Electronic Paul Gilbert MojoMojo it goes to 11!

Improved Purple Goodness

With an increased internal voltage for better headroom and a new 11 switch which engages a massive gain boost for even more drive and attack, instead of the old voice switch, this new purple signature version has been tweaked to Gilbert’s taste.

Old style TC MojoMojo

Old style TC MojoMojo

Mr Mojo

Paul is already a well-known user of the regular MojoMojo pedal, so this new updated version makes perfect sense, as his name carries a lot of weight in the world of guitar.

Paul Gilbert and his MojoMojo

Paul Gilbert and his MojoMojo

Purple Dirt Box

At this point in time, it isn’t clear whether or not the original MojoMojo circuit has been tweaked for Mr Gilbert, or whether it is just a new paint job and rebadging of the original pedal. Paul already has a JHS signature PG14 pedal, which he also uses during the demo video and, in the past, has had a signature flanger pedal with Ibanez (I own one myself and think it’s great).

Check out the video below and keep your eye out for this new re-branded Paul Gilbert MojoMojo pedal. It’s available for order now via sites like our affiliate partner, Thomann.

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