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TC Electronic Zeus Drive

TC Electronic Zeus Drive  ·  Source: YouTube/TC Electronic

The Zeus Drive has just been revealed and it looks a lot like TC Electronic’s take on a Klon-style overdrive with germanium diodes, a clean boost and the mention of stackable drive pedal qualities.

TC Electronic Zeus Drive

The new TC Electronic Zeus Drive is very reminiscent of the Klon Centaur and has germanium diodes at the heart of its circuit. It also has a similar control layout with Drive, Treble and Volume knobs, though there is also an added Fat switch. It follows on from the recent Magus distortion pedal and has the same dimensions.

TC Electronic Zeus Drive

TC Electronic Zeus Drive

Klon Klone?

The pedal also has a stepped-up internal voltage and a dual concentric Drive knob, which blends overdrive into the clean tone and adds increased clipping. Err, just like a Klon… Then you have a Treble control which adds treble and maintains the lows, though TC has added the Fat switch if you require more bottom end.

True-Bypass or Buffered Bypass?

Well, actually you can have either as there is an internal DIP switch which lest you set to either true-bypass or buffered-bypass modes.

TC Electronic Zeus Drive Buffer or Bypass

Zeus Drive Buffer or Bypass

TC Electronic Zeus Drive Germanium Diodes

Germanium Diodes

Limited run of 2000?

Apparently, the first 2000 units sold will have a pair of germanium clipping diodes. After that, I’m not sure what will happen… No more? Or will TC find some more ‘magical’ diodes? If the price is right, I am sure they will sell like hot cakes, as everyone likes a transparent and stackable overdrive.

Check out the demo video below to hear the new TC Electronic Zeus Drive in action.


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