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Tate Effects Brexit Means Brexit overdrive pedal

Tate Effects Brexit Means Brexit overdrive pedal  ·  Source: Tate Effects


Tate Effects’ new Brexit Means Brexit overdrive pedal is essentially a hot-rodded RAT with a not-so-subtle but very topical name. Hand-made in England and named after the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, can it stand up on its own two feet?



The Brexit Means Brexit overdrive is a ‘hot-rodded’ distortion in the vein of the renowned RAT pedal and uses the OP07 IC at the centre of the circuit, allegedly the heart of a RAT pedal’s tone. Personally, I’m not so sure that one IC has that much sway on the pedal’s core tone with a RAT, but many would argue that it does.

This pedal has an interesting control knob setup, being labelled as follows: The ‘Farage’ knob “distorts (the truth) the more you increase”, the ‘Recession’ knob “helps you cut through the mix”, while the ‘Racism’ knob is the actually the Volume control. Each pedal is hand-made in the UK uses etched PCBs.

Tate Effects obviously have a very British sense of political humour. I’m not sure I would want to own one myself, and to be honest I think they sound average at best judging by the demos, but the official video below isn’t exactly the greatest I have seen recently. I own two old ProCo RAT pedals from the early to mid ’80s and so I’m pretty familiar with the standard ‘non’ hot-rodded RAT tone, but these clones aren’t doing anything for me.

You may, of course, love this pedal, and for the price they aren’t exactly expensive when compared to many other ’boutique’ drive/fuzz pedals. You might just want to own one for a laugh, I suppose…



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Tate Effects Brexit Means Brexit overdrive pedal

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