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ACL System 2

ACL System 2  ·  Source: ACL


Audiophile Circuits League (ACL) has put together another complete system to take all the bother out of choosing individual modules. They are calling it System 2.


System 2

It’s the same deal as the System 1 really, it’s a bunch of modules in a nice 6U 84HP Eurorack case. The emphasis of the first system was a stereo signal chain whereas the second system takes a more versatile route. First you have ACLs newest oscillator called the Multifunction Discrete VCO that combines a sawtooth core with a strong sub oscillator both with individual wave shapes. It has the usual waveforms of saw, inverted saw, pulse, triangle and sine for both including their own pulse width modulation. There are linear detuning, linear and exponential FM and sync with threshold.

System 2 doubles up on the oscillator with a Variable Sync VCO. Then it has the Discrete Core Ladder VCF, the Envelope X3 and a pair of LFOs. The 2 Dual VCAs give complete control over both oscillators and patch into the Audio Interface at the end. No effect modules in this one, System 2 is much more interested in modulation possibilities.


Here’s the full list of included modules:

  • Multifunction Discrete VCO
  • 2 x octave module
  • Variable Sync VCO
  • Discrete Core Ladder VCF
  • Gate Mix
  • 2 x Multi II (buffered)
  • Envelope X3
  • 2 x QLFO Modules
  • 2 x VC Dual Amp
  • Audio Interface – XLR output with panning and effects loop.

System 2 should cost around €3900.

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ACL System 2

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