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Prism Circuits Canvas System

Prism Circuits Canvas System  ·  Source: Prism Circuits

Prism Circuits Canvas System

Prism Circuits Canvas System  ·  Source: Prism Circuits

Prism Circuits Canvas System

Prism Circuits Canvas System  ·  Source: Prism Circuits


Prism Circuits has introduced the Canvas System, a beautiful stand-alone modular system inspired by early west coast synthesis. The Canvas System combines influences from the building blocks of the Buchla Music Easel with a Serge-style “paperface” panel. But is it “The People’s Synthesizer”? Probably not.


Prism Circuits Canvas System

With its paperface panel and custom wooden enclosure, this new stand-alone modular system from Prism Circuits is certainly an eye-catcher. Prism Circuits says that the Canvas System takes inspiration from the Buchla Music Easel, but it’s not a clone or exact replica. Instead, they’ve imagined what those ideas and concepts would have looked like in Serge Tcherepnin’s “paperface” design from 1973.

These modules are included:

  • 1973 Oscillator x 2
  • Triple Waveshaper
  • 1973 VCF
  • Noise Source
  • Gate x 2
  • Dual Mixer
  • 5 Step Programmer
  • Dual Processor
  • Envelope Generator x 2

The system (which is not a Eurorack system, by the way) lives in a custom 2-panel wooden powered boat, which makes for a very sleek and compact appearance. The case includes a connector for a 15 V DC power supply, power switch and audio output.

Prism Circuits Canvas System

The system comes in a custom wooden case · Source: Prism Circuits

A rather exclusive affair

Judging by the demo video, the Prism Circuits Canvas System is very versatile and sounds fantastic. But there’s an ever so small catch: it costs a whopping USD 4999. At this price, it’s about as far from being “The People’s Synthesizer” that Serge Tcherepnin wanted his systems to be as it could be. If you’re DIY-savvy, you may be able to save a few bucks by putting it together yourself. However, Prism Circuits’ DIY offerings aren’t cheap, either, and they haven’t announced the price of a possible DIY version of the Canvas System yet.

More information about the Canvas System


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Prism Circuits Canvas System

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6 responses to “Prism Circuits Canvas System: a Buchla-inspired paperface modular system”

    Marcus says:

    Serge Tcherepnin stated on the
    Serge Modular Synthesizers Facebook page:
    “Let it be known, I do not support or approve of
    Prism Circuit. Skyler King lost any chance of
    getting a license when he announced plans to
    produce modules that were not on the list we
    discussed. And
    Prism has the gall to use my name and my work
    without permission even after I denied his wish.
    What am I supposed to feel, watching a video that
    is nothing but a blatant sales pitch for Prism’s
    unlicensed manufacture?
    Personally, I want nothing further to do with
    prism. Anyone dealing with Prism does so at his
    or her own risk.”

    pfrf says:

    Sometimes Gearnews feels like a site for fencing stolen goods. Ethics be damned there’s sh1t to sell.

    John says:

    This is the most recent comment.

    For now.

    Jay says:


    Come on. . . At least get the very basics right

      Signal Slammer says:

      this article is literally just a modified script of what is written on the device’s website page.

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