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ACL Multi-Function Discrete VCO

ACL Multi-Function Discrete VCO  ·  Source: ACL


Hot on the heels of the development of their System 1 Stereo Synth comes a super wide monster of an oscillator. They are calling it simply the Multi-Function Discrete VCO, which is probably an understatement. I am loving that tuning knob, it looks like it comes off an old safe and gives you precise control over the fine tuning. Let’s see if we can “unlock” the secrets of this sound generation bank.


Multi-Function Discrete VCO

The immediate stand-out feature is the way they’ve dealt with the sub-oscillator. Subs are usually square waves that mirror the main oscillator but an octave down. With the Multi-Function Discrete (MFD) VCO you can choose between 5 different waveforms, or use them all at once for some seriously fat undertones. There’s separate CV controllable Pulse Width Modulation on both the oscillator and the sub with ramp and saw carriers.

There are separate inputs and CV controls for linear and exponential FM modulation. And a linear detuning knob. Under “Sync In” we have CV variable soft to hard sync with an external “carrier” wave input. A gate input for resetting the VCO core. Finally there’s a frequency “Hi/Lo” switch to move between VCO and LFO modes.


Audiophile Circuits League seems to be making a fuss about themselves on the lead up to Superbooth, which is great because they were not on my radar before the System 1. They’ve gone for a certain vibe that’s somewhere between 70’s sci-fi and playful brutalism. I’ll be interested to hear more about them once the community gets their fingers onto the modules.

The Multi-Function Discrete VCO should be available in the autumn, but we don’t have a price yet.

More information

  • Audiophile Circuits League website.


ACL Multi-Function Discrete VCO

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