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Switch Pick, plectrum, pick

Switch Pick - The plectrum with dual personalities?  ·  Source: Switch Pick


Sometimes the simplest piece of equipment can have the biggest impact on your guitar’s sound and for many the plectrum is where this all starts. The Switch Pick’s maker aims to give you a plectrum that can be used in different ways to give different ‘attacks’ when plucking the string. Valuable gadget or useless gimmick? Let’s take a closer look.


Switch Pick

As guitarists, we all love a good gadget. If that gadget is particularly cheap, we are more inclined to try one out. Switch Pick is one such product. The idea is to provide players with multiple ‘attacks’ via the simple solution of allowing guitarists to switch between 0.6mm and 1.2mm gauges by offering two tips to their Switch Pick plectrum.

This uses no high-end technology or expensive hardware. It’s a simple innovation that offers two thicknesses of the material in one one product that you switch around in your hand.

I like this idea! It seems practical and affordable.

Yes, I have tried hundreds, if not thousands or different plectrums in my lifetime. I have a ‘jam jar’ full of plectrums. However, I tend to stick to Dunlop Jazz IIIs or similar ‘thick/stubby’ plectrums. But, on occasion and especially when recording, I do like to experiment with other plectrums and so I can see me using one of these myself.

The Switch Picks have a raised grip and so should stay in place when you are strumming or picking fast lead lines. You can even order your own laser engraved custom versions if you so desire.

Switch Pick

20 Switch Picks and a handy tin to hold them in

Simple and Cheap

They are cheap as chips and possibly worth taking a punt on, I reckon. You can buy two at a time or in multiples of ten, with or without a tin to keep them in. I know that I have spent far more than this on a single plectrum before and so for under three quid, you can’t go wrong.

Check out their little demonstration video below for a quick example of how they work and if you fancy trying some then you can order direct from their web store below.

Sometimes simple things are the best way forward and Switch Pick might be just the thing for players in need of something new.


RRP – GBP 2.89 for two

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  • 20 Switch Picks and matching tin to hold them: Switch Pick
Switch Pick, plectrum, pick

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