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Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection

Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection  ·  Source: Fender


Fender has just announced a new series of one-off Custom Shop Masterbuilt models all finished in Surf Green. The Surf Green with Envy Collection includes all the iconic Fender guitars and basses. And even contains a drum kit and two stompboxes!


Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection

The Surf Green with Envy Collection was the brain-child of Fender Master Builders Paul Waller and Ron Thorn. The series features models from all the Custom Shop Master Builders. Each builder was free to choose a particular year in Fender history to showcase, as long as it was finished in Surf Green!


Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection includes a Gretsch drum kit

Drum kit & Stompboxes

The collection includes six amplifiers, two pedals, and even a custom painted Gretsch drum kit amongst the run of guitars and basses. The two pedals on offer are both hand built by Fender’s Vice President, R&D, Stan Cotey and include a Tremolo and a Boost pedal.

Each model in the Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection is one-of-a-kind and unique. The instruments will only be available from authorised Fender Custom Shop showcase dealers, either in person or online. So if you’re a fan of Surf Green, get in touch with your local dealer. You can check out the official video below which gives you an overview of the concept.

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Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection

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7 responses to “Surf Green with Envy – A Collection of iconic Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt instruments”

    Richard Johnson says:

    This is extremely potent guitar pornography for me.

    Mark English says:

    I just bought the Deluxe Reverb in the video. True Tone Music in Santa Monica, via I’m in S.F. and its due in tmro! I’d been considering a handwired custom, lately. When I saw this one, it sealed the deal for me! Way too cool! I already own a Tweed DRRI combo, a Blonde DRRI combo, and a Blonde head only DRRI. This one should get me to STOP the madness😁

    Mark English says:

    Well..the Surf Green Envy handwired ‘64 DRRI arrived…I unboxed it, stood back and admired the appearance for a few moments 😍, sniffed around it here and there…(my wife shook her head and rolled her eyes)…nothing like the smell of factory fresh electronics👍. I was going to get a couple pedals and let it rip, but no. This has to be straight into the amp. Owning already 3 other ‘65 DRRI’s, let me just say that there IS a difference with this hand wired version. I plugged in my modified 2006 ‘62 Strat with DiMarzio Vintage Noiseless single coils. This amp seems much more dimensional as it hits your ears. There’s a deeper, fuller texture to the tone. The mid highs are sweeter, and not grating at all. The magic I found was how the amp really brings out the character of the guitar. Each position on the 5 way pick-up selector produced great beautiful varying tones that inspired me to play different genre’s of music. The second position forced me to play some quacky funk chords. First position screamed for “Secret Agent Man”😁. Just flipping to different pick-up combinations was a thrill in itself…loved it! I haven’t tried the custom shop boost pedal that came with it, yet. I was just happy with that luscious reverb and tremolo.The pedal is so perfectly painted and the “Fender Custom Shop” “V” logo looks more like art than a stamped on emblem. I don’t think the boost pedal will be touching any floors! I’m not one of those people that are exceedingly anal about equipment, But, this set I just received is s bit special, so I’ll try to go the extra mile to keep it lookin as it should.

      Jef says:

      Sounds great! Should keep you busy for a good while. Enjoy all the tones and thanks for letting us know your thoughts on this Surf Green Envy. It’s always good to hear what users think of the actual gear, especially when it is a limited run like this one. Have a great weekend and go enjoy that new amp.

    Mark E. says:


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