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Supro Galaxy 50W amp

Supro Galaxy 50W amp  ·  Source: Supro

The new Supro Galaxy is a 50W channel-switching tube amps available as either a head with a matching 4×12 or as a combo. 

Supro Galaxy

The new Supro Galaxy is to be available both in head and combo formats. It’s a 50W, 6L6-powered, channel-switching tube amp and possibly the most versatile amp from the company to date. It has a footswitchable solo boost, buffered FX loop and a channel-assignable six-spring reverb tank. The 1×12 combo version is loaded with an Eminence CV75 Redcoat speaker, plus a 4×12 and 1×12 extension cabinet are also available for the amp range.

The Galaxy has a clean channel based on the Keeley Custom and an overdrive channel designed by company president David Koltai and legendary tube amp designer Bruce Zinky. Supro says it took them around 10 years to come up with the design for this drive channel. Supro says this channel has multiple cascaded tube stages designed to deliver a wide-open lead tone with more available gain than any other Supro amp currently available.

Boutique style amp?

I’d like to think this new model will be popular, as it sounds like it has lots of great features including that spring reverb, solo boost, buffered FX loop and the drive channel. Plus, having a good clean channel is always useful on a good amp. Will it hold up against the boutique amp market? Quite possibly. With Mr Bruce Zinky involved in its design, I am expecting great things from the Galaxy.

You can hear the new Supro Galaxy in action in the demo video below.

RRP – GBP 1299 head,  GBP 1499 combo, GBP 999 4×12 cab , GBP 499 1×12 cab

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