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Supro 1685RT Neptune Reverb

Supro 1685RT Neptune Reverb  ·  Source: Supro

Supro launched the new 1685RT Neptune Reverb 2×12 combo this week. It looks very much in line with their traditional retro styling and appears to be taking aim at the market for classic, clean-sounding, gig-worthy guitar amps.

Neptune Reverb 2×12

With a 2×12 layout and plenty of clean headroom on tap, the new Supro 1685RT Neptune Reverb is in the same size category as the Vox AC30 or Fender Twin. This American-made amp has some classic styling and a Class A power section, which should give plenty of clean headroom before it breaks up.

The valve-driven onboard reverb uses a four-spring 17” long reverb tank, so I’d expect it to sound pretty lush. There’s also a built-in tremolo at your disposal as well. The combination of these two effects should give you plenty of great retro tones and help make this a very versatile amp.

Black Magick Speakers

The speakers used here are two custom 12″ Supro BD12 Black Magick speakers. That’s more than enough to handle the amp’s 25-Watt, self-biased 6973 tube power amp output section. The preamp section is driven via a set of four 12AX7 valves. There’s a a simple yet effective control section comprising of a Volume,  a two-band EQ, ‘Verb’ knob for reverb, plus Speed and Depth knobs for the tremolo.

All told, this looks like a very tasty little (okay, maybe not so little) combo that should be well-suited for gigging guitarists looking for some retro and classic Rock / Blues tones. It’s a no-channel-switching, high-gain monster, but then if you are looking for this then that isn’t what you are after anyway!

The price seems reasonable for an amplifier designed and built in the USA. I would, of course, suggest that you listen to the demos below – let us know what you think!

RRP – USD 1499

Supro 1685RT Neptune Reverb  product page


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