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Joranalogue Delay 1 and Pivot 2

Joranalogue Delay 1 and Pivot 2  ·  Source: Joranalogue


Joranalogue has a split-phase bucket brigade delay line and a voltage-controlled variable router to show us that will both be available after the summer.


Delay 1

We love a good bucket brigade (BBD) delay, and Delay 1 is a fully analogue BBD-based delay line with a high precision, temperature compensated, high-frequency, voltage controlled oscillator as the clock source to drive the delay between 1 and 50 ms. According to Joranalogue, taking the oscillator over 20kHz cures the “classic BBD clock whine”.

The Delay 1 uses a new control circuit to reduce distortion and noise. In particular, this includes an integrated high-performance commander to maintain signal dynamics and retain fidelity. Perhaps Joranalogue doesn’t want its BBD delay to sound like a BBD delay.

You can dial in all the classic echo, chorus and flagging effects, and then blend them, add feedback and dampening. There’s also a “pluck” input to experiment with Karplus-Strong synthesis.  The “split phase” topology provides two different dry/wet mixes that can convert mono to stereo for comb filtering and more.

Delay 1 should be available in November for €350.


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Pivot 2

This has nothing to do with a bunch of friends trying to get a sofa around a corner up a flight of stairs and instead, has everything to do with signal flow. Pivot 2 is a voltage controllable signal router. A single input can be sent to two places in series, parallel or reverse series. It can be useful for routing audio to different effects or CV to modulate different modules. You can also use it as a crossfader, VCA or voltage-controlled panner.

Pivot 2 should be along in September for €160.

Joranalogue at Superbooth

Check out the new modules in booth Z430.

Joranalogue Delay 1 and Pivot 2

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