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Joranalogue Audio Design Test 3, Mix 3 and Switch 4

Joranalogue Audio Design Test 3, Mix 3 and Switch 4  ·  Source: Joranalogue Audio Design

Belgium module designer Joran Van Gremberghe got in touch to tell us about his newly released Eurorack modules. He started off with the “Test 3”, a DIY V/mA meter and has now added the “Mix 3” CV controlled mixer and “Switch 4” performance switcher and router. Will these useful modules find a home in your rack?

Mix 3

It’s a 3:1 channel voltage controlled audio mixer. There’s a lot of these about but the Mix 3 is certainly very clear, straightforward and unfussy. It fits into a very tidy 6hp and can handle both audio and CV. The response is exponential which Joran says gives it a more natural sound. CV control is available over each input providing up to +20dB of gain. The inevitable distortion is handled in an overdriven way, containing only odd harmonics and allows the module to be used as a triple voltage controlled distortion box.

There’s a sneaky fourth auxiliary input, voltage control over the output level and a jumper to switch the output to line level.

Switch 4

This is a performance module designed for artists playing with their modular rigs live. It gives you the ability to quickly mute audio signals, trigger envelopes and select modulation sources on the fly. It’s all about the switches. The bottom section has 4 toggle switches that make or break the signal path between inputs and outputs. The switches are centred to mute the signal and they can let through by either pushing up to latch or pushing down to flow momentarily.

The 4 inputs are also routed to the top half of the module where two knobs let you select which signals are being routed to which of the two additional outputs. These also have a switch for more muting action. And of course it can all handle CV or audio.

Test 3

Test 3 is a tool for testing modules. Plug in your module with a ribbon cable and then you can cycle through three measurements of voltage, current and stored peak current. It can also test power supplies and cables.

Joranalogue Audio Design

The clean look and front panel design would make them fit well into any rack. Some modules like to stand out with flashing lights and colours, these ones are easier on the eye and don’t feel the need to make a fuss of themselves. The Mix 3 seems expensive at €160 but Joran suggests the bullet-proof design and quality components make it worthwhile. The Switch 4 looks like a really interesting and useful module. I guess it’s quite simple electronically but the quality construction gives it the €120 price tag. Test 3 is a simple and fabulously useful module that will test modules for you quicker than pulling out multi-meters. The kit is €95.

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