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Joranalogue Modules

Joranalogue Modules  ·  Source: Joranalogue


Joranalogue has announced the ROUTE 4 latching signal router, DIM 2 lamp dimmer (what?) and the BIAS 2 signal interface and voltage convertor.


Route 4

This is all about routing signals and putting them under gate or trigger control. The top section is a 4-to-1 router. Any of the four inputs can be chosen to appear at the output, just turn the on via the Control Inputs. The control can be a gate or with a flick of a switch you can latch it and then toggle it on and off. Another switch dictates whether the channels are exclusive or whether you can have more than one on at the same time.

At the bottom of Route 4 is a 1-to-4 router that does the same thing but in reverse. So the single input can be routed to any of the four outputs via another set of Control Inputs.


I can imagine this being a really useful routing monster.

Dim 2

This is a module for powering some lights because it’s always so bleedin’ dark around modular. Plug in a pair of console lamps, and you’ve got a knob that will set the perfect level of illumination. A handy pair of CV inputs lets you have some fun and incorporate some visuals into your performance.

Bias 2

And finally, this slim little module will convert between various Eurorack voltages. Changing from -5 to +5V, to 0 to +5V or 0 to +10V. That’s it really, not very exciting, but terribly useful. It can also function as a dual input unity gain mixer, a -6 and +6 dB audio gain stage or a  multi-output fixed voltage source.

Joranalogue Modules

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