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Grawart Murmux front panel

Grawart Murmux front panel  ·  Source: Synthanatomy


Front panel makers Grawart may have inadvertently leaked a forthcoming panel for an unannounced Dreadbox polyphonic synthesizer – is this the return of the Murmux?



Murmux is the name of a bass synthesizer Dreadbox made back in 2014. It spawned a couple of variations including one built into a floor-based bass pedal. There was also a limited edition 4-voice paraphonic Murmux 2 released a couple of years later. Now it appears that Dreadbox is going to resurrect the name for a new 8-voice polyphony synthesizer.

Murmux originals

Murmux originals · Source: Dreadbox

The front panel was spotted by Synthanatomy on the Grawart booth. It’s a bit of a shame to have your new secret synthesizer leaked by the company that makes the front panel. Grawart makes good looking panels for many manufacturers including Dreadbox. However, for all we know this was just a mock-up or a potential idea. After all the name “Dreadbox” does not appear on the panel.

From what we can see it has the same two VCO setup as the previous synths although with many more waveform options. You can select a mix of oscillators and include a noise generator in that although these are fixed rather than mixable. The filter seems to have a single mode but with modulation options from the envelope, LFO and FM from the noise generator or oscillator 2. There’s a Delay section, a BBD resonator/ensemble effects and some stereo spread on the master output. There’s a polyphonic LFO and a separate one for other duties. Finally, there’s a screen and menu system for saving and loading patches.


What’s missing perhaps is the 4-stage modulation engine and envelope slope controls of the original or the patch points of the Murmux 2.

At this point, we’ve no idea if any of it is going to end up becoming a real product. But after the success of the Nymphes, I can certainly do with some more Dreadbox polyphony in my life.

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Grawart Murmux front panel

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3 responses to “Superbooth 22: Dreadbox Murmux polysynth leak!”

    Oskar says:

    Couldn’t it be just a “test” front plate from the guys that made instead of a real synth from dreadbox ? Isn’t it kind of unlikely they’d piss off their customers like that by leaking a product ? I just dunno…

    Richard Lawler says:

    Dreadbox hinted in one of their Superbooth interviews that they would be rereleasing almost all of their older synths as DIY kits as they are with the Erebus and Hades.

    Phil says:

    I was at the Dreadbox stand at Machina Bristronica in September, and when I asked about the mythical Abyss V2 the rep said “maybe it will come after the Murmux”.

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