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4ms Modules

4ms Modules  ·  Source: 4ms


4ms has a bunch of new modules coming out this year including three different envelope/VCA combinations, a Mini PEG envelope/LFO and a Shuffling Clock Multiplier+


4ms EnvVCA

The EnvVCA modules are an interesting range of ever more complex combinations of analogue envelope with a built-in VCA. Firstly, the standard EnvVCA gives you a cool Rise and Fall envelope with CV control, loopability, slew/sustain input and end-of-rise output. It’s like a function generator and LFO which take apply itself to whatever audio is running through it. It will be available in September for $159.

4ms EnvVCA

4ms EnvVCA

Secondly, the Dual EnvVCA expands the whole game into two channels for stereo processing or dual parallel enveloping. In addition, you have OR outputs and the VCA and cycling are normalled for easy triggering and modulation. Also due in September for £225.

And finally, the Dual Shaped EnvVCA adds some analogue waveshaping to smoothing morph between exponential, linear and logarithmic looping without changing the rate. We should see this one in October for $319.


Mini PEG

The Pingable Envelope Generator is a big chunk of a module that’s been around and been very popular for a long time. It’s very CV controllable making it a complex and fascinating envelope machine. Mini PEG takes the functionality, scales it down to a single channel and makes it look a lot less intimidating. Ultimately it produces clock synced loopable envelopes that can smoothly crossfade between 9 different envelope shapes with full CV control. Available in September for $175.

4ms Mini PEG and Shuffling Clock

4ms Mini PEG and Shuffling Clock Multiplier+

Shuffling Clock Multiplier+

It’s a clock module that can shift stuff and multiply. As you can see it has 8 outputs in multiples of the incoming clock and can generate all sorts of shuffled outputs with names such as Rotate, Skip, Slip, and Shuffle. There are controls for Pulse Width, Mute and 4x Fast. Apparently, the timing is tighter than the previous version and also includes the SCM Breakout functionality in the one module. Available in October for $185.

Superbooth with 4ms

4ms will be hanging out around booth 0405 at Superbooth where hopefully we’ll get to see these forthcoming modules in action.

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4ms Modules

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