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Meng Qi Wing Pinger

Meng Qi Wing Pinger  ·  Source: Divkid

That can’t be right though can it? A synthesizer without oscillators? Well, the Wing Pinger from synth designer Meng Qi is an analogue instrument based around a pair of 4-pole resonant low pass filters which are surrounded by a network of comparators, pulse converters, binary counters and shift registers. In any case, it makes a wonderfully melodic and chaotic sound.

Wing Pinger

We’re familiar with the idea that when you push the resonance of filters you can achieve self-oscillation and start “playing” them with the cutoff. Wing Pinger takes this in a musically creative direction by using logic circuits and short pulse audio to generate very natural sounding tones and decays. It has a “Step” control which pulls the tones into a pentatonic scale or you can let it loose and build increasing chaos with each tweak of a knob.

And speaking of knobs the front panel is designed to be very responsive to touch, those “chicken-head” knobs are very easy to spin offering the musician a chance to interact intuitively with the Wind Pinger.

You can also use it to process external audio signals.

It’s quite a fascinating and unusual box. No news on price as yet and it’s likely to be a short run, hand made sort of deal.

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