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We’ve waited a while for this, but finally the WING-DANTE card has landed! Dante multi-channel audio networking has now come to one of the fastest-selling digital mixers in recent times. Will this make Behringer’s Wing an unstoppable force in the mixer market?


Dante comes to the Behringer Wing

It’s been almost exactly a year since Behringer released the Wing digital mixing desk to the world. When Wing was launched we predicted it would become a mixing desk you’d soon see a lot of in a lot of places. Undoubtedly, the Behringer X32 (and the sister desk the MIDAS M32) became something of an “industry standard” mixing desk. Look in the sound booth at most mid-size venues and you’d probably see an X32 or an M32.

Clearly, we can expect the Wing to pop up in the same places the X32 and M32 did – once the COVID pandemic is over. It should be noted, though, that we found one feature wanting when Wing was launched: Dante networking!


WING-DANTE Expansion Card

Dante networking transforms the capabilities of the Behringer Wing dramatically. 64 total channels of bi-directional digital audio at 48 kHz is on offer with the WING-DANTE card. The expansion card simply fits into the slot that’s normally occupied with the WING-LIVE card. So what advantages does DANTE networking offer you?

Source: Behringer

We covered audio networking formats in some detail earlier in the year, and we recommend taking a read when you have a few minutes. Without a doubt, we reckon the WING-DANTE card adds hugely to Wing’s versatility. Looking to use premium Dante equipped mic preamps? Boom! You’ve just made your two-thousand Euro desk sound like a twenty-thousand euro desk. You’ll be able to run multi-channel audio anywhere you have standard Ethernet cabling.

Altogether then, the WING-DANTE card just made the Behringer Wing a whole lot more versatile and a whole lot more appealing. Whilst we wait for live shows to return, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Wing being used in studio builds and live-streaming situations. We may have had to wait for the best part of a year for Dante to come to Wing, but it was worth the wait.

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3 responses to “Dante comes to Behringer Wing with the WING-DANTE expansion card.”

    Michael says:

    Ah yes, you’re right. Your prediction that these would be seen all over midsize venues has definitely come true, I’ve been seeing these at all of the many shows I’ve been going to!

      Bob Malkowski says:

      Yeah COVID has really put a dampener on things hasn’t it? Still, it’s given Behringer time to get the Dante card sorted out!

    Das A1 Technician says:

    Need 2 DANTE cards ASAP PLsss 😢

    Behringer WING-DANTE 64-channel Dante Expansion Card!!

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