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Superlative SB1/Space Bee

Superlative SB1/Space Bee  ·  Source: Superlative


Superlative appear to be new on the scene and are offering glimpses of an impressive looking synthesizer that they are bringing to Superbooth next month. It’s called the SB-1/Space Bee and yes it does look a lot like a Roland SH-101.


SB-1/Space Bee

Starting off with an annoying slash in your naming convention doesn’t please me very much but the rest of it looks pretty interesting. I’m enjoying the spinning vector infographic on their website immensely!

What we know is that it’s an analog synthesizer using replica 3340 VCOs and a classic 4-pole OTA filter with its own envelope. It has USB/MIDI and a CV/Gate input and output. There’s a dual-layer sequencer so you can run another monophonic source via CV or MIDI. The keyboard appears to only have black keys (as in the white keys are also black rather than there being no actual keys that are traditionally coloured white – right?). It’s rather fabulously thin and splendid looking and it features a rechargeable battery which they say is the first synth ever to do that, assuming you discount the putting of regular rechargeable batteries into synths that take batteries.



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is anybody seeing this

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Superlative has only made a couple of Instagram posts so far to announce their existence. I’m looking forward to finding out more when Superbooth comes around in May.

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3 responses to “SB-1/Space Bee synthesizer from Superlative to debut at Superbooth 2019”

  1. Destinkeys says:

    Because, Lord knows, who needs to see the keys on a dark stage, right? SMH…

    • Stevie Charles says:

      It’s finally your big performance. An opportunity you’ve waited a lifetime for. Years of practicing your monosynth in your bedroom, all boiling down to this show. You worked hard to get here. So you take a deep breath and walk onto the stage, settling down behind the keys. Not just the big stage- the world stage! Everybody is watching. Your parents at home. That cute colleague from your day job actually came to your show this time, and you want to really show your skills. The roar of the fans is almost deafening. This is your time… your moment to shine. To show anybody who ever doubted you how far you’ve come. But the stage is… TOO DARK! You can’t even SEE the KEYS! You reach out to touch their familiar shapes but they all blend together. Formless, shapeless, each one indistinguishable from the next. Pitch black. Fear. You are stumbling in the darkness. Not again. Not this time. This can’t be how it ends…

  2. Destinkeys says:

    The perfect keyboard for Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles…

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