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Dreadbox NYX V2

Dreadbox NYX V2  ·  Source: Dreadbox

We saw a sneak peek at the newly resurrected NYX V2 yesterday but now Dreadbox has spilled the beans and I can tell you all about it.


Nyx V2 is a duophonic analogue paraphonic synthesizer. That means it can pull off two notes but it all runs through a single filter and envelope signal chain. It has two oscillators with triangle or pulse waveforms which can be mixed, glid and synced. Apparently, they will “auto-tune”.There’s also a white noise generator. The dual filter is undoubtedly enjoyable with a main cutoff and then an offset to produce the twin peaks of flexible dual filtering. It can be low pass at 12dB/oct or up to 24dB variable width band pass. The twin modulators can be LFO or envelope and there’s a lot of routing possibilities.

Dreadbox NYX V2

Dreadbox NYX V2

The Reverb is quite interesting with 6 controllable parameters covering wave, rate, level, feedback, size and mix. And you can switch the amp envelope to drone mode for some lovely evolving sounds.

The patch bay to the right has 30 patch points. This includes 2 separate CV inputs for the voices, pulse width modulation, the separate cutoff controls and audio inputs into the filters.

In some ways, it’s quite a simple and straight forward synthesizer, but the duality aspect gives it a lot of flexibility and unexpected possibilities. Looking forward to hearing more demos of it as the promo video is on the short side. Price should be €539.

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