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Bastl Instruments 1983

Bastl Instruments 1983  ·  Source: Bastl Instruments

1983 is of course where MIDI all began and Bastl has decided to reference that in their new polyphonic MIDI-to-CV module. What’s particularly interesting about this module is its automatic tuning capabilities.



The 1983 can take in MIDI and output 4 channels of CV. So what’s the tuning about? Well, Eurorack is traditionally full of monophonic sound sources. And so when wanting to using it polyphonically it requires employing a different oscillator module for each voice. In this case, 4 oscillators. Getting them in tune and keeping them there as you play up and down the octaves can be a bit troublesome. 1983 gets around this by including a “Listen” input for each of the 4 channels. Plug in your oscillators and hit the Tune button and it adjusts the CV outputs to the same tuning. It also maps the response over 7 octaves so that they stay that way.

Other features include an Update input that forces the output to update only when a trigger is received. Notes played legato are stored in a buffer and the Window input lets you select which notes will play.

The MIDI-to-CV conversion can be routed to a number of layouts – 4 voice, 3+1 voice, 2 velocity voice, 4×1 voice, 8 triggers, 8 CCs and 4 triggers + velocity.

The tuning aspect is probably a work of genius and will make the whole MIDI-to-CV experience far more instant and usable. 1983 should be available in September, no pricing yet.

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