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Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drum pedal

Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drum pedal  ·  Source: Digitech/YouTube/ToneReport


The new SDRUM is a smart little pedal its maker has intriguingly dubbed ‘Strummable Drums’. Announced at Summer NAMM 2017, Digitech’s latest offering in the ‘robot band’ category is aimed at guitarists that need a drummer without all the hassle of a drum kit, drum machine – or even a drummer!



The premise here is that you play a rhythmic pattern on your guitar and assign it to a kick and snare sound on the SDRUM pedal. The clever bit is the BeatScratch Technology, Digitech’s ‘listen and learn’ algorithm, which is taken from their TRIO pedal and utilised here to turn your strumming into a beat that accompanies your playing.

Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drum pedal

Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drum pedal. Who needs a drummer anyway?

BeatScratch Technology

You are essentially teaching the SDRUM your rhythm. It analyses your strummed nonsense and turns into a usable drum beat. Pretty damn amazing, if it works! On the front panel, there are Kick and Snare buttons that let you tap in basic patterns directly. The pedal ships with five drum kits, including 12 different hat/ride styles to choose from as well, so a fair amount of variety.

Up to 36 different songs can be stored into the pedal’s memory, so you can store a sizeable repertoire into the SDRUM pedal for use at a later date. This makes it a pretty versatile virtual drummer – it already has the capacity to know more songs than most drummers I have worked with in the past!

With stereo outputs for the drum parts provided on jack outputs and a dedicated amp for your guitar’s signal, one side of the pedal is crammed with jacks. It runs from an external 9V DC power supply and you can also plug in the Digitech FS3X footswitch for extra control, too.


Check out the Tone Report’s YouTube demo below for a good overview of what it can actually do.


Digitech SDRUM pedal product page

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  • Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drum pedal. Who needs a drummer anyway?: Digitech
Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drum pedal

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