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Digitech Nautila Chorus Flanger effect pedal FX guitar bass Summer NAMM 2016

Digitech Nautila. New for 2016. Combined Chorus and Flanger effect  ·  Source:


DigiTech Nautila is a new pedal coming out later this year that’s being shown at Summer NAMM this week. This interestingly named box is a combination of chorus and flanger effects combined into one pedal enclosure.


Stormy Oceans

With an oceanic theme to the name, the Nautila pedal is described by Digitech as having ” tidal swirls or soothing rhythmic waves”. However until we hear it, then I cannot say how on how apt this description is. Chorus and flanger effects are closely related, so it makes sense to pair them into one unit.


With four control knobs labelled Mix, Drift, Speed/Depth and Emph/Voices, it would appear there is a lot of merging of the two effects available. There is also a small toggle with at the top labelled Chorus/Flange as well. You can also adjust the effects modulation speed by holding down the momentary latching footswitch. So with all these controls at hand, there are a lot of options on hand, given the compact pedal format.

The pedal has both stereo inputs and output jacks on the sides and so you can expect it to sound full and enveloping when used with multiple amps.  Unfortunately there are no audio demos at the time of writing, so we will have to wait and see what surfaces over the next week or so online. The company have released some very interesting pedals recently and so hopefully this new one is something to listen out for.

Here are some specifications as released by Digitech on their site:

Dedicated Chorus and Flanger Effect Types:

CHORUS – 1 to 8 Voices with Tone (Emphasis)


FLANGE – 1 to 4 Voices with Regen (Emphasis)

Slow to fast or fast to slow Foot-Switchable speeds

True Stereo I/O

True Bypass

Includes the following stage accessories:

Stomplock™ knob guard locks your tone in place and prevent tampering or accidental knob adjustments onstage

Custom-cut Hook and Loop Pedalboard Pad to secure your pedals to your pedalboard

RRP: USD $149.95

Digitech Nautila full details: Digitech site

Digitech Nautila Chorus Flanger effect pedal FX guitar bass Summer NAMM 2016

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