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DigiTech FreqOut and CabDryVR pedals

DigiTech FreqOut and CabDryVR pedals  ·  Source: DigiTech


Digitech has created two new guitar pedals that allow you to simulate the thing that all guitarists love: feedback. Their other new offering gives you 14 cab tones for guitar or bass, packaged in a neat little box, so no humping 14 big cabs around with you any more. If they this pedal sounds good enough, that is…


Feedback Machine

The FreqOut is essentially a simple way of getting feedback without going deaf. Yes, feedback usually involves a lot of amp volume and placing your guitar at the right angle to achieve a glorious screaming sound that gets trousers flapping and loosens underwear at forty paces.

The FreqOut aims to achieve a natural sounding feedback tone without having to crank your amp. This could be a lot of fun! Back in the ’80s, Boss had the Super Feedbacker and Distortion pedal which was used by Joey Santiago of The Pixies to do the same, but his always sounded a little unnatural. Hopefully, this new Digitech pedal will sound more like the real thing with its 7 harmonic feedback types. But of course, you could just turn your amp volume up and save yourself spending any money at all…

RRP $279.95

Digitech FreqOut

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Fourteen – yes, fourteen – virtual guitar and bass cabinets in a small yellow pedal. Sounds pretty handy! It might save you a hernia, as well. The CabDryVR features dual inputs and outputs, so you can use it in a stereo rig and of course you can use it to monitor or record with straight out the end of your signal chain. Size and Level controls on the pedal let you do some basic tweaking.

RRP $229.95

Digitech CabDryVR


DigiTech FreqOut and CabDryVR pedals

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