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Charvel USA Select Range launching San Dimas Style 1 HSS FR, San Dimas Style 1 HSS HT, So-Cal Style 1 HSS FR and San Dimas Style 2 HH FR models.

Charvel USA Select Range launching later this year. San Dimas Style 1 HSS FR, San Dimas Style 1 HSS HT, So-Cal Style 1 HSS FR and San Dimas Style 2 HH FR models.  ·  Source:

Charvel have just announced the new USA Select series via their blog and they look like they are designed for those that like to shred!

High Performance

Aimed at players that want to play more complex lines with ease, these new Charvel Select series instruments are all built in the USA. Though only just announced this Summer NAMM Show week, I have already seen a lot of speculation online of how good will they be and at what price point they’ll be offered. The company have been making some fantastic guitars in Japan and more recently Mexico, so to see a new US-built series has got many players a bit excited.

Aim High

The range includes the following models: San Dimas Style 1 HSS FR, San Dimas Style 1 HSS HT, So-Cal Style 1 HSS FR and San Dimas Style 2 HH FR. They come in Pitch Black, Satin Plum, Snow Blind Satin and Torred.

These new guitars are very much in the vein of the ’80s-style high-performance shred machine. Expect compound radius fretboards with rolled edges, big frets and non-recessed, top mounted Floyd Rose original trem systems throughout the range. This all harkens back to the shred style guitar that made Wayne Charvel famous back in the day.

Each guitar is loaded with DiMarzio DP-116 HS2 single coils in the neck and middle positions with a  DiMarzio DP100F bridge pickup or paired in the case of the San Dimas Style 2 HH FR (the Tele shaped one) with a DiMarzio DP-151 PAF PRO neck pickup. So with predominantly HSS layouts apart from the San Dimas Style 2.

Hot For Teacher?

So will these be a hit or are they dated? I think they are all kinds of cool. You have to bear in mind you can play just about any style of music on a decent guitar, not just shred and legato (although these should excel at those styles). So if you want to play funk, pop or jazz then these will be just as suited as any other brand.

They are built in the USA so they will not be cheap. We’ll just have to wait until August to get to try them out…

Price: TBC 

More info: Charvel company site





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