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Strymon Conduit MIDI hub

Strymon Conduit MIDI hub  ·  Source: Strymon


The new Strymon Conduit MIDI hub has been designed to allow you to work with just about any MIDI-equipped effects pedal that uses 1/4″ connectors, acting as a bi-directional MIDI interface to control your effects.


Strymon Conduit MIDI hub

The Strymon Conduit MIDI hub has four independently configurable TRS jack connections as well as MIDI In/Out ports, a USB C connection and five MIDI status indicator LEDs on the top of the unit. Although it comes pre-configured to work with all Strymon pedals, Strymon says it can also be set up to work with other brands as well.

The Conduit has built-in grounding isolation to ensure quiet operation when in use, so no nasty noises when used live or in the studio. And for pedals that only need to receive MIDI, the Dual Mode allows you to connect two stompboxes to a single TRS output using an optional TRS splitter cable. Neat.


MIDI Setups

If you need more TRS MIDI outputs, you can link Conduit units together for more complex pedal setups. Plus, you can use the Conduit as a USB MIDI interface between your computer and your effects pedals. When you connect your pedals to a DAW you can sync them, letting you do stuff like record control knob movements into your sequencer.


Simple but effective

Conduit looks like a simple way to easily integrate your MIDI-equipped effects pedals in to your DAW and also to control your pedalboard via MIDI. The official video below gives a good overview of what is possible here. I’m sure it could make many rigs a lot more versatile and looks simple to set up.

RRP – USD 149


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Strymon Conduit MIDI hub

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One response to “Strymon Conduit MIDI hub: A simple smart control for your stompboxes”

    pfrf says:

    I like Strymon, I’ve owned quite a few of their pedals, including the three large format pedals. None of those three work consistently with expression messages. They don’t remember the values I’ve saved for the expression parameters. I own two different, common expression pedals, one is the expression pedal Strymon recommended to me. I’ve never had even one issue using these expression pedals with synths.
    I’ve not had any luck either programming the expression parameters directly from the Strymon pedal, or by using the always-beta Nixie software. It’s frustrating, I’ve given up on it. I just think Strymon aren’t good at MIDI. I’m going pass on this new box.

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