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Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb

Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb  ·  Source: Stomp Under Foot

Stomp Under Foot has just announced new interpretations of two iconic fuzz and boost pedals. The new Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb recreate the tones, but come with an updated build quality and style.

Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb

These new pedals by Stomp Under Foot both look great in their bright red livery and those nice solid knobs to dial in your tones. They also look very robust and well laid out. Both pedals are made in the USA and aim to bring these iconic effects to your pedalboard with no fuss. The company has a solid reputation for making great effects and I suspect these new units won’t disappoint.

The new Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb pedals are recreations of the iconic 1971 Foxx Tone Machine fuzz pedal and the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster respectively. Both circuits are super popular, with companies like Warm Audio and Danelectro releasing their versions of the Foxx Tone Machine earlier this year, and Catalinbread’s Naga Viper is essentially an update on the classic Dallas Rangemaster Treble Boost.

Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx

Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx

Silver Foxx

The Silver Foxx has controls for Level, Tone, and Fuzz and uses NOS germanium diodes. The pedal has Octave and On/Off footswitches, which should make it a breeze to use live.

Screaming octave fuzz is a staple of rock and blues guitar, and when done well, it will work with any style of music. Whether you are a Radiohead fan, or into a dirtier grungier sound, this pedal should help you cover a lot of genres.

Stomp Under Foot Cherry Bomb

Stomp Under Foot Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

The Cherry Bomb is based on the Dallas Rangemaster. It comes in a modern-day pedal housing, without the annoying built-in lead like the original box that sat on top of the amp. There is an added Range control which is the tone stack and allows you to dial in from low to high. A Boost control adjusts the output. The original vintage pedal didn’t have any tone control, so to have one here is a nice bonus and makes this version way more flexible.

The Cherry Bomb has a NOS NPN germanium transistor which means it can be daisy-chained without any fuss. I prefer this modern-day pedal format over the originals, as having a tone stack means you can match it to your amp. You could never do that with the old Dallas Rangemaster units.

All in all, I think both of these pedals have a lot to offer. They may both look simple, but if you use them correctly (or abuse them), they will reward you with some classic vintage effect tones. Plus, you can use these modern versions with both a 9 volt battery or an external power supply.

RRP – Silver Foxx USD 189 and Cherry Bomb USD 179

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