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stg/soundlabs Boat Rocker

stg/soundlabs Boat Rocker  ·  Source: stg/soundlabs

If you have a Moog Mother-32, DFAM or BFAM you might have dropped them into a larger modular system and have an empty boat case knocking around. With the Boat Rocker you can transform that 60HP into something useful.

Boat Rocker

Having empty Mother-32, DFAM or BFAM cases knocking around is definitely a bit of a thing if you are a fan of these cool Moog machines. But it’s a shame to have a nicely made case or “boat”  making the place untidy when it could be hosting a little bunch of Eurorack modules.

Well, stg/soundlabs has a solution in the Boat Rocket power supply. It’s designed to drop right into the space at the bottom of the case. And it cleverly uses the existing power supply and jack output holes on the back. The jack output is repurposed as a port for the STG Sync Bus which routes 24ppq Clock to four internal connectors and follows the Arturia/Behringer DIN sync spec. Ideal for use with the Arturia BeatStep Pro or KeyStep Pro and Behringer drum machines.

The power supply offers -12v, +12v and +5v rails into two independently-regulated groups of 5 connectors. Each rail can come up with 500mA giving you a full amp in the case.

stg/soundlabs Boat Rocker

stg/soundlabs Boat Rocker

They also include a pack of 20 square M3 nuts that go into the mounting rails to give you something to screw your modules into.

The Boat Rocker is a high-quality Eurorack power solution for a small space that will bring an unused case back to life for $199. Personally, I added a TipTop Audio uZeus power module to mine for half the price but that does use up 4HP and isn’t quite as smooth as this professionally engineered solution. Having an internal power supply with the cables going out the back is certainly a desirable way of doing it. stg/soundlabs say that more versions of this power supply will be along in time and could find themselves in a wider range of cases.

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