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Seismic Industries PSU II

Seismic Industries PSU II  ·  Source: Seismic Industries

Seismic Industries PSU II

Seismic Industries PSU II  ·  Source: Seismic Industries

The slightly confusingly named PSU II (PSU 2) is, at 1HP wide, the narrowest Eurorack power supply ever conceived. Designed for small and space-challenged cases it’s a very beautiful thing.


Seismic Industries are good at small things. Their SystemONE Eurorack system is somehow housed in a superSKIFF that’s only 20mm thick. All of their modules follow the same design guidelines of being no deeper than 13mm. Width hasn’t been quite such a concern but the PSU II changes that dramatically.

Previously they had released the IPS2 which is a 2HP Interruptible Power Supply but at 1HP the PSU II really takes the biscuit.

As with the IPS2 the PSU II takes it power from a USB-C socket. This makes it super-convenient but also limits the sort of size of case it can run. It’s not pulling loads of amps from a laptop power supply like a regular Eurorack power module, this is USB power and there are limitations. However, running a small case this could be a fabulous way to make room for more modules and be able to run it from any USB power source without clunky power adapters. That makes it brilliantly portable.

If you’re thinking that 1HP is still too much space to sacrifice then you can also mount it inside your case and drill a hole for the USB cable.

What a brilliantly designed little thing.

PSU II is available as a kit for 69 Swiss Francs or fully assembled for 89.

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