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Seismic Industries CUEMIX

Seismic Industries CUEMIX  ·  Source: Seismic Industries

Seismic Industries CUEMIX

Seismic Industries CUEMIX  ·  Source: Seismic Industries

Seismic Industries folding case

Seismic Industries folding case  ·  Source: Seismic Industries

Seismic Industries are on a mission to make super slim modules for their SuperSkiff format that’s only 20mm deep. They are currently developing an extraordinarily slim folding system of two rows of 84HP. The CUEMIX is part of that system and offers 8 channels of mixing with direct outputs and 4 assignable outputs.


All the information isn’t available yet but what we know from their social media posts is quite exciting. You have 8 DC-coupled channels with attenuvertable inputs, individual post-fader outputs and clipping LEDs. Above the faders are 4 switches which can route the channel to any or all of the 4 outputs. The first 3 outputs are post-fader and have overall level knobs on the right. The 4th output is pre-fader and intended as a headphone output with a separate level knob on the bottom right.

There’s no panning control but you could easily set up stereo channels using two outputs to create a stereo field or use all 4 outputs for a quadrophonic mix.

There’s also no mute or solo buttons or any traditional send and return channels. But I think that’s the point. This is not about being a traditional mixer in Eurorack form, this is about using audio and CV creatively in the Eurorack space. You could use it for mixing modulation while still having control over individual waveforms through the direct outputs. The switches could let you fire audio off to different effects and processing or add voltage to a sequence for an instant key change. There are a lot of possibilities in CUEMIX when you stop thinking of it as just an audio mixer.

Not sure of the price of a release date yet. But check out this folding case, it’s only 70mm tall, but then you are restricting yourself to some very slim modules.


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