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PolygonSheep Stealth Delay

PolygonSheep Stealth Delay  ·  Source:

The Stealth Delay is a modulation and effect-packed plug-in for Mac or Windows. Not sure what the “stealth” bit is about, but I’m going with it. It’s straightforward, clearly laid out, simple to use and does what it says on the tin. The only weirdness is in the PolygonSheep name, which makes me think they must all be really into Minecraft.


Stealth Delay

What strikes me about this plug-in is its simplicity. There’s been a few recent releases of complex, mind-bending, multi-faceted delay plug-ins, like Movement from Output or Sandman Pro from Unfiltered Audio. Stealth Delay is just saying, “Look, I’m a delay with some nice bonus bits to play with”. Love it. You’ve got five knobs for five effects slapped in the middle. Diffusion, overdrive, ducking, reverse and gate – no fuss, just one knob each. Then you’ve got a modulation section, which turns out to give you even more effects in the shape of filters and chorus/phaser. And lastly, there’s an LFO with 4 shapes to apply to parameters. You’ve got input/output, dry wet mix, bish bash bosh – you’re done.

There’s an unexpected dial called “Sleep”, which apparently preserves the CPU when no signal is detected. Makes you wonder a little bit if it might be a touch CPU heavy.

You can set it up in a range of colours – I quite like the orange myself . And you can scale it up for high density screens, too.

Download the demo, and if you like it, give them $29 and it’s yours to keep. Worth a go I think. More information on the PolygonSheep website.


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