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Spitfire Audio LABS

Spitfire Audio LABS  ·  Source: Robin Vincent

We reported back in March about how London based Spitfire Audio were releasing a range of free sample library instruments called LABS. Well, it’s now for real and they have officially made two titles available under the LABS moniker. 


Today you can download Soft Piano and Strings from the LABS webpage. Simply sign up and download a little installer app and off you go.

Spitfire Audio LABS downloader

Spitfire Audio LABS downloader

  • Soft Piano – An instrument created from samples of a piano with felt put between the hammers and strings. They recorded it back in 2008 using two Schoeps CMC 5/U microphones with MK4 capsules.

  • Strings – 14 of London’s best string players recorded at Spitfire HQ in 2017. One of the microphones used was a BBC AXB1, an iconic 1940s-vintage ribbon microphone.

They are completely free and run inside their own minimalist virtual instrument. No more messing around in Kontakt.  The interface is stripped back to the absolute basics giving you two sliders for volume and dynamics and a dial to control the reverb. It’s really quite refreshing, the sort of sounds you could load up and get using straight away because you know they’re not going to be any trouble. Awesome.

Spitfire Audio LABS

Spitfire Audio LABS

LABS come in VST2, VST3, AAX and AU flavours, the idea being that they are free to use by everyone, everywhere! And you’d be silly not to join in. Looking forward to more.

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