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Solar Guitars Type G

Solar Guitars Type G  ·  Source: Solar Guitars

Ola Englund’s guitar brand Solar Guitars has just added three new shredder-style single-cut models to its Type G series. One has slightly more colour than you’d usually find on a Solar model, featuring an LP-like tinge…

Singlecut Similarities

In addition to an overly complicated model name, the GC1.6T-FAB , GC1.6C and GC2.6TB share other similarities: the characteristic pointed shapes, a thin neck with C-profile, glow-in-the-dark position markings on the side of the neck and two Duncan Solar humbuckers with a push / pull function.

But there are some differences between these three metal axes. Let’s take a closer look.

Solar Guitars Type G GC1-6T

Solar Guitars GC1.6T-FAB


This is a manufacturer of metal guitars doing a take on the ol’ LP: The Flame Amber Burst paint job on the flamed maple top contrasts to the black boards you normally find on Solar instruments. The GC1.6T-FAB has a solid mahogany body with cream binding, a mahogany neck and an ebony fingerboard. Gold hardware and a TonePros Tune-o-Matic bridge complete the facilities.

Price: 899 euros

Solar Guitars GC1.6C

Solar Guitars GC1.6C


The GC1.6C is painted in Carbon Black Matte and has a mahogany alder body. Instead of the Tune-o-Matic bridge of the above model, this guitar is equipped with an EverTune bridge, as is common with other higher-end Solar models.

Price: 999 euros

Solar Guitars GC2.6TB

Solar Guitars GC2.6TB


The third is in the Trans Black Matte finish, has a body made of swamp ash and a glued maple neck. Again, we find the Tune-o-Matic bridge. The reversed headstock will probably divide opinions! Nevertheless, you have to praise Solar Guitars, as this is a design that leaves the usual, well-trodden paths.

Price: 799 euros

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by Jef
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10 months ago

I’ve been highly critical of Solar guitars in the past, mostly because there wasn’t much value in murky gray-ish Asian guitars – I guess that’s supposed to make them look brütal or something – at hugely inflated price points.

However, the amber one looks like incredible value at the MSRP: steel frets, ebony fretboard, TonePros hardware, locking tuners, humbucker caps, mahogany body and arched maple top – looks very close to what you’d get from Ibanez Prestige but at half the price. I have ordered one and shall report back how it looks and plays in person.