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Solar Guitars adds two new signature models - the GC1.6 Killertone and E1.6 Priestess

Solar Guitars adds two new signature models - the GC1.6 Killertone and E1.6 Priestess  ·  Source: Solar Guitars

Solar Guitars has expanded its Artist Range with two new signature models. Martyred’s Jason Frankhouser and Exhorder’s Marzi Montazeri are the latest to get their own models from Ola Englund’s guitar brand.

Solar Guitars GC1.6 Killertone and E1.6 Priestess

Ola Englund’s Solar Guitars has just added two new models to its Artist RangeJason Frankhouser of Martyred and Marzi Montazeri of Exhorder are the latest guitarists to get in on the action. First up, we take a look at the new GC1.6 Killertone designed with Jason Frankhouser, guitarist of Martyred.

Killertone = Black Winter

Killertone is the name of Jason Frankhouser’s YouTube channel, and if you follow his online videos, you will understand why he chose this name.

Solar Guitars GC1.6 Killertone

Solar Guitars GC1.6 Killertone

The guitar has a mahogany body with a maple veneer top, and a three-piece mahogany neck with a thin-C profile and a 24 fret ebony fingerboard. The neck has a Killertone inlay on the 12th fret and glow-in-the-dark Luminlay side dots. It comes loaded with a set of Seymour Duncan Black Winter USA pickups, with two push-pull volume controls for series/parallel switching, and a three-way toggle switch.

The model is available in a Flame Trans Black finish which I think fits really well with its modern single-cut aesthetic. You can see Jason playing his new signature in the video below.



Next up is the new E1.6 Priestess signature model for Marzi Montazeri, guitarist for Exhorder. It has 25.5″ scale length, an alder body, and a three-piece maple neck with a 24-fret ebony fingerboard. This model comes loaded with a set of Duncan Solar HH pickups.

Solar Guitars E1.6 Priestess

Solar Guitars E1.6 Priestess

Floyd Rose 1000

The Priestess comes with a set of Solar locking tuners and a Floyd Rose 1000 locking trem system. Again, I really like the White Matte finish on this model and I think it really suits its overall look. To my eye, modern Explorer-style guitar always look good in white.

Solar Guitars E1.6 Priestess Exhorder's Marzi Montazeri signature model

Solar Guitars E1.6 Priestess Exhorder’s Marzi Montazeri signature model

Solar Signatures

In my opinion, both Jason and Marzi will fit in perfectly with the brand’s audience of players. Both guitars are well spec’d and should be able to deliver some truly crushing tones.

You can hear Ola show off these two new signature models in the video below.

RRP – GC1.6 Killertone USD 1199 and E1.6 Priestess USD 1099

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