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Solar Guitars launches four new seven-string models

Solar Guitars launches four new seven-string models  ·  Source: Solar Guitars

Ola Englund’s guitar brand has just announced four new Solar 7-string models for 2020, the E2.7C, the V2.7C, the A1.7TBR, and the A2.7W. These 7-string behemoths are set up for heavy riffs and extended soloing duties. Let’s dive in!


Solar Guitars with new 7-String models

The Solar Guitars V2.7 is fitted with a Tune-O-Matic-style bridge and has a string-through construction. The V-style mahogany body is factory fitted with two Duncan Solar pickups. The C-shaped maple neck has an ebony fretboard loaded with 24 super-jumbo frets.

Next up is the E2.7C. This model comes with 22 frets and instead of the string-through tailpiece of the V2.7 has a standard Tune-O-Matic fixed bridge. Construction and pickups are both the same as the previous V2,7 specifications, so it isn’t a million miles away from its odd-shaped sibling. though this time it is more of an Explorer-style body shape.

Solar Guitars 
E2.7C: EUR 777
V2.7C: EUR 777

Solar Guitars launches four new seven-string models

Solar Guitars launches four new seven-string models: E2.7C, A2.7W, A1.7TBR and V2.7

Solar 7-string S-style models

The new bright red Solar Guitars A1.7TBR is less pointy than the previous two models and falls into the S-type body shape category. This one is the highest priced model of these four seven-stringers and includes an Evertune bridge. It comes with an ebony fretboard loaded with 24 stainless steel frets.

The A2.7W is a more affordable S-style seven-string model. It’s presented in a white finish and has a single-piece bridge and a maple fretboard rather than an ebony one. Perfect for heavy shredders on a budget.

My advice would be take a listen to Ola Englund talking about his new guitars in the video below – even he struggles to get the names right!

Solar Guitars
A1.7TBR – EUR 1199
A2.7W- EUR 749

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