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Softwire Synthesis Press

Softwire Synthesis Press  ·  Source: NoiseBug

Possibly the oddest and most intriguing CV generator I’ve come across is the Press Controller from Softwire Synthesis that uses a chunky “button” to convert pressure into control voltage.


So, is that a chunk of wood sticking out of the front? Well, yes, I think it is. The idea is that it’s an expression controller. As you push and apply pressure to the chunk of wood it either generates CV or allows through an external signal. It has two inputs that you can crossfade between and there is a sum output and a Gate output that fires when the output passes 1.2 volts.

What this really needs is a video of it in action but there’s not a whole lot of information about it out there as yet. They have said that “it takes inspiration from instruments like the Ondes Martenot, Therevox & the Analogue Systems French Connection and lets you have that same touch expression in your Eurorack system.”

This is probably the most illuminating image:

Softwire Press Controller

Softwire Press Controller

Although this is also helpful:

Softwire Press Controller

Softwire Press Controller

It’s most intriguing and possibly an awesome addition to a live performance rack that could add a completely engaging way to control voltage adding nuance and expression to your bleeps and bloops. It’s available now from NoiseBug for $179.

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