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Tesseract Sweet Sixteen

Tesseract Sweet Sixteen  ·  Source: Tesseract Modular

Tesseract Sweet Sixteen

Tesseract Sweet Sixteen  ·  Source: Tesseract Modular

Tesseract has taken the Open Source 16n Faderbank project and respun it into a Eurorack module with 16 CV inputs and outputs, MIDI and USB MIDI, and I2C connections.

Sweet Sixteen

It’s more of a combined MIDI, CV and I2C controller which gives you 16 sliders to push data out in different formats. The I2C format if you’re not familiar, is a communications protocol common in microcontroller-based systems. In our world of synthesis, it’s used by the Monome controllers and modules such as the Orthogonal ER-301.

These 16 sliders can send out MIDI CC over both USB MIDI and TRS MIDI. The module has a switch to change the TRS format from type A to type B so that everything will work with it regardless of the type of TRS your synth has – genius! For CV output the sliders can send up to 8v for controlling your modular gear. You can also use the sliders as attenuators for incoming CV and route it back out again. Incoming CV can also be translated into MIDI allowing you to start modulating your external MIDI gear, or DAW and virtual instruments from your modular.

Sweet Sixteen is a good looking module that can create a bridge between MIDI and CV worlds and give you a performance mixer style interface for hands-on modulation both in and out of the rack. You can buy it as a partial kit with the front panel, PCB with SMT already in place and the 16 faders for €70. Or fully assembled for €160.

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