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Tesseract Buffered Matrix

Tesseract Buffered Matrix  ·  Source: Tesseract


Tesseract Modular make useful modules that can transform your approach to your rack. Their 12×12 Buffered Matrix is one such module that could be the routing hub of a medium to large modular system.


12×12 Buffered Matrix

It has 12 inputs and 12 outputs and 12 knobs. Each knob is paired to an output and selects which input is routed to that output. So if you want to route a single sequence to 12 destinations then you can. Or 12 different modulation signals could be routed to 12 different destinations and then switch on-the-fly to different places. This is the opposite to mixing. You can’t have multiple inputs going to the same destination; each output can select only 1 input but each input can go to multiple destinations.

Each output has a bicolour LED giving a visual indication of what’s going through it. And that can be CV or audio so you can split audio signals off to different processors or filters.


You can set it up to be 1 in 12 out, or 2 in 6 out, or 3 in 4 out and so on it’s really very versatile. Each input and output has a white silkscreen label that you can write on to label up your routings. You could leave certain modules permanently wired in and then experiment with routing different signals and modulation about the place.

It’s the sort of module that you don’t know you need until you are struggling under the weight of a complex system.

The 12×12 Buffered Matrix is available now for €200.

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Tesseract Buffered Matrix

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