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Sitek Joss Allen Freya signature Overdrive:Booster

Sitek Joss Allen Freya signature Overdrive:Booster  ·  Source: Sitek


Polish pedal company Sitek has teamed up with YouTube star Joss Allen on a new pedal, the Freya signature Overdrive/Booster pedal. This all-in-one drive pedal covers a lot of ground – a new go-to drive pedal for your rig?


Sitek Joss Allen Freya signature Overdrive/Booster

YouTuber Joss Allen is a bit of a dude and a bloody good guitar player. Given Joss’s reutation for tight chops, his new signature Sitek Freya pedal has a lot to live up to. The name Freya comes from the Viking goddess of beauty and war, mirroring what Sitek says is the pedal’s “captivating and powerful” personality.


The Freya combines two classic drive circuits, a low-to-mid-gain overdrive and a transparent high headroom boost, each with its own footswitch. The low-mid gain overdrive section has three clipping voices selected using a three-way swiutch: a smooth bluesy breakup sound, an open and a more focused boost to push the front-end of an already dirty amp channel and a mid-rich lead tone. A lot of gain tones covered here, then.

Sitek Joss Allen Freya Overdrive Boost Pedal

Sitek Joss Allen Freya overdrive boost pedal · Source: Sitek


The boost section provides up to 12 dB of perfectly clean boost. In my opinion, a good boost pedal is worth it’s weight in gold. Not only does it give you added volume. you can also use it to ‘goose’ an amp that’s already being driven. A combination of overdrive and boost is one that many guitarist employ to get the most out of a decent amp. I can see why Joss would want to combine both boost and drive on his signature drive pedal, as this gives you the best of both worlds.


Each section of the Freya can operate independently and their order is also switchable via a toggle. That feature makes it a versatile pedal for the money. This stompbox is true bypass and uses high quality DeMont Smooth-Click footswitches. ANother thing I like is the pedalboard-friendly top-mounted jacks.

Check out out Joss’s demo – he gives the Freya a damn good thrashing!

RRP – GBP 190/EUR 210/USD 240

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Sitek Joss Allen Freya signature Overdrive:Booster

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