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Seymour Duncan Silver Lake

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake  ·  Source: Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake Dynamic Reverb pedal

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake Dynamic Reverb pedal  ·  Source: Seymour Duncan

As though the market for reverb pedals wasn’t already crowded enough (see below for other recently released products in this popular category), Seymour Duncan has announced a new reverb unit, the Silver Lake Dynamic Reverb. But before you start yawning, this one goes a step beyond your standard reverb pedal, with MIDI support and lots of parameters to get creative with, making it useful not only for the odd gig but also for studio work. 

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake Dynamic Reverb

It’s a pretty big unit because of all the connections SD decided to include. These are MIDI in and thru as well as stereo inputs and outputs on twin jacks so that you can run it in mono or stereo.

These are built in the USA and look pretty sturdy construction-wise, so they should be able to endure a life on the road. I like the handy, not-too-fussy layout and simple built-in display which should be enough to make it easy to use when on a dark stage. The reverbs available are Room, Vintage Spring, Plates and Hall, plus there is a bit of modulation thrown in as well and Shimmer, Swell, Gated and Delay/Verb. Plenty to choose from in one fairly compact, though not small, effects unit.

Silver Lake rear panel

Silver Lake rear panel


The Damp knob is used to darken the tone, while the Grit control adds a bit of saturation. The Tweak control is used to set the amount of Mod Depth, Mod Rate, Lo-Pass and Hi-Pass, depending on where the Function control is set.

There seems to be plenty to tweak for you reverb effect junkies here. As an added function, Seymour Duncan has also included what it calls Dynamic Expression, which is essentially how the Silver Lake responds to the dynamics of your playing style. This can be set to affect things like modulation, damping or the mix of the effect in real-time.


With 128 patches accessible via MIDI, this blue reverb box seems pretty versatile and one that could be perfect for those of us that like to dabble with our patches and have different settings for parts of a song or setlist. A lot of punch for a (relatively) compact unit and almost as flexible a 19″ studio rack effect, just far more portable.

This is one to check out of you like to tweak. And it’s priced in the right range for the type of power it has on hand. I would suggest you check out the demo videos below for an overview of what it can achieve. It is a 24-bit, 48kHz digital effect and it also comes with a micro-USB port so it can connect to Seymour Duncan’s Updater/Librarian software, so you can edit and back it up to your computer.

RRP – USD 349 

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