Behringer MonoPoly ready for production

16 Oct in
Behringer is stacking up the production lines with the MonoPoly to follow the 2600 that has just been rolling off into boxes. Looks like it's going to be a busy Christmas for synths - but still no price.
Behringer 2600

Behringer 2600 is now in production

30 Sep in
The much anticipated ARP 2600 clone from Behringer is in production and tantalizingly close to being a synthesizer reality that we can all share our opinions on.
8 cheap pedals every guitarist should try

8 cheap pedals every guitarist needs to try

05 Sep in
Vintage pedal snobs: the truth is that there are distortion, fuzz, delay, chorus and flanger pedals that sound great going for around or under £60/$80! Here are 8 cheap pedals you need to try.